Christian Liffers und Michael kleinChristian Liffers, script, direction and production

Studied theatre-direction in Hamburg and worked for several years as a director in German theatres. He has been working as a journalist for ten years and he has been working for the German tv-channel ZDF since 2001.

Selection of theatre works:

"KLINIK zwei/Pastor Ephraim Magnus" (Hospital 2/Pastor Ephraim Magnus)
by H.H. Jahnn together with the D.H.A.S.-Theatre, 1998

"KLINIK" (Hospital)
in the work group Barmbek together with the D.H.A.S.-Theatre, 1997

"Krankheit der Jugend" (Affliction of the Youth)
by Ferdinand Bruckner at the “Kammerspiele Paderborn”, 1996

"Straßenecke" (Street Corner)
by H. H. Jahnn at the HfbK in Hamburg, 1995

"Im Weißen Rößl" (The White Steed)
by Ralph Benatzky at ”Schmidt's Tivoli” in Hamburg, chosen by the newspaper “Hamburger Abendblatt” as one of the ten best productions in 1995.

"Der Gestohlene Gott" (The Stolen God)
by H. H. Jahnn, debut performance at the TIK in Hamburg, 1993
Achsbruch beim ersten Produktionsgefährt klein

„Suicide commando, Tagebuch eines Selbstmörders“
(„Suicide commando, diary of a suicide“)

documentary, 31 min., Germany 2001,
broadcasted at the ZDF and 3sat in 2001-2004.


    * “Medizin in den Medien” by the council of medical-journalists for the best medical-journalistic publication of the year 2001 by a journalist under 40 years.
    * The „Lilly Schizophrenia Awards“
    * A laudatory mention at the journalist award „Schizophrenie und Stigma“ by the Bundesverband der Angehörigen psychisch Kranker (German Association of family members of mentally diseased people)

„Dos Patrias, Cuba y la noche“

84 min, Cuba/ Germany 2006

is his second documentary
16:9 Widescreen, colour, stereo, PAL, Digi-Beta, original language: Spanish, versions with subtitles in German, subtitles in English, version with German voice-over.


Mirko Schernickau kleinMirko Schernickau, Camera

Mirco und Christian kleinStudied Film-Studies, Journalism and Cultural Studies in Marburg and Mainz.

Since 1995 he has been working as a camera assistant and since 2001 as a freelance cameraman.
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Todd P. Mercuri, Editing

Did an apprenticeship as a photographer. He lives and works as a freelance cutter in Berlin.

m06Michel Espinosa Rodríguez, Music

Lives and works as a street-musician in Havana and can be found at the Malecón every night.

Holger Jung, Sounddesign

Marcus Pfeiffer kleinMarcus Pfeiffer, Sound and Camera assistant

Michael Espinosa Rodríguez,
Los Transes, Original music

Michael Espinosa Rodríguez,
Arquímedes Matos Oduando,
Ahmed Esponda Pérez,
Los Transes,
Charlotte Heincke,
Roland Cabezas,
Stefan Endrigkeit, Musicians

Marco Flick bei den Tonaufnahmen mit I.& M.& MMarco Flick, Direction of music

Michael Holfelder, Grafics

Williams Sandoval, Assistant director

Diego Lobo-Guerrero Rodríguez, Narrator

Klaus Laabs, Translations of Reinaldo Arenas

Johanna Hooss,Michael, Isabel, Arquimedes bei den Tonaufnahmen klein
Clara Liehmann,
Sandra Villaverde,
Miriam Wetzel, Translations



Special thanks to:

Carlos Celdrán
Hiltrud Fischer-Taubert
Helmo Hernández
Marita HübingerMarcus, Christian und ein Produktionsgefährt klein
Sven Jäger
Arvid Landgraf
Corny Littmann
Enrique Díaz Ramos
Alexey, Eduardo
Isabel, Imperio
mi Padrino
Jürgen Gebhardt - FreakyWebDesign, Wiesbaden
Naspa - Nassauische Sparkasse, WiesbadenMarco Cuba klein
Fundación Ludwig
Upstart, Wiesbaden
Martin Gessner
Bodo Keller
Bewegte Zeiten, Wiesbaden
Frank Jansen
Tonstudio Zech, Wiesbaden
Kortz & Süß, Wiesbaden
Rüdiger Kortz

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